Like most things in life, you get out what you put in and indoor cycling is no different. If you provide the members of your fitness studio with a high-quality indoor cycling studio software, expect your members to be engaged and delighted.

Come to expect more from cycling studio software. Expect interactive and user-friendly interfaces and dashboards. Expect real-time statistics and actionable user data that can be stored on multiple devices via a network cloud. Expect software that visually excites the members of your fitness club, and keeps them coming back for more.

Interactive Cycling Studio Software

Spivi’s cycling software product line which includes the Spivi’s® Studio , Spivi’s® MetriX, and Spivi’s® 365 isa great example of software solutions which set the standard within the industry. Whether you run a traditional gym with an indoor cycling room, a boutique cycling studio, or a dedicated cycling room Spivi has a software solution for you.


Features to look for in Great Studio Indoor Cycling Software

It’s difficult to focus on just one feature included in this software. Software designers have created features that meet all of today’s fitness club members’ needs and then some that even exceed those expectations. Its greatness is best explained when it’s broken down into three categories.

Make your equipment a valuable asset that not only assists your fitness club members but your instructors as well. The right cycling software is compatible with most commercial indoor cycling bikes being used in fitness studios around the globe. If your current cycling equipment doesn’t have built-in sensors, have no fear. You can find software that is compatible with standalone sensors that can be easily attached to any bikes giving them the ability to sense and track members exercise data.

If at first installation seems overwhelming, please don’t fret. Most cycling software systems only need to be connected to three things and the internet can take care of the rest. After installation, there is zero maintenance involved, so you can spend your time focusing on your members. When installing a cycling studio software system in your fitness studio, connect it wirelessly to your cycling equipment, to the TV or projector you want to use for your class sessions, and to the internet. Connecting it to the internet allows servers to assist you in integrating the software onto your website, a mobile phone or even Facebook. From there, a plethora of capabilities are at your disposal to truly customize your members’ experience. Take advantage of built-in integrations, class scheduler, user profile creation, data tracking and so much more. When you open up all of these capabilities to the members of your fitness club, you not only enhance your facility but you enhance the overall perception of your brand.


Engage Members with Indoor Cycling Software


MINDBODY schedule integration

An intriguing feature included in the software is the scheduler integration. Your fitness studio members will be able to register to any of the classes your fitness club offers via mobile phone. In today’s day and age, businesses need to be mobile friendly and accessible when the customer wants that immediate gratification.

When the selected class is connected to your fitness studio, the room layout will be displayed as well, letting your members select a bike or mat for the chosen class. This allows workout friends to compete side by side in a fun environment. Humans have an innate need to be part of a group, socialize and interact with others. You can still capture all of those qualities in your indoor cycling studio by implementing interactive, engaging cycling training tools and widgets such as a class scheduler.


To conclude, a great cycling training software is key to unlock the potential of your fitness studio. Technology can work for you, and in a productive way, if you allow it too. Maximize the equipment you have invested in by utilizing all of its capabilities. Engage your fitness club members and allow them to use a device they use daily – the mobile phone and layer in tools and widgets that connect the customers to the fitness experiences they have been waiting for.