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Link Spivi® with MINDBODY

In order to link Spivi® and MINDBODY accounts follow these instructions:


  1. Login to the MINDBODY and create a manager account on for the Spivi® backend servers.
  2. Make sure that the created account has the following permissions:
    • Permission to access members’ records.
    • Permission to settle credit card transactions.
    • Permission to run stored credit cards.
  3. Send an email with the subject MINDBODY Schedule Integration to with the following details:
    • Your studio name.
    • Your studio ID on MINDBODY.
    • The username and password of the manager account on MINDBODY, mentioned above in step 1.


In order to approve the access of the Spivi® servers, you will need to activate the integrated account.

  1. Spivi® team will send you a link with an activation code.
  2. Log in to MINDOBDY with your Owner account and click on the provided link while you are logged in. The integration should be set after you click on the link.
  3. Send an email to to inform the Spivi® Support team once you are done.

NOTE: This step will take place once your Spivi® system is installed at your facility.
After clicking on the link, MindBody will open a window and ask for an activation code. The link we supply is equivalent to the activation code, and therefore once you click on it you do not need to add an additional code.

Once your integration is set, click HERE for setting your schedule preferences.

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