Spivi® MetriX is the most advanced display system made for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs who want to provide performance metrics in real time.


Indoor Cycling Bikes

Use your existing equipment and maximize your investment. Spivi® works with ANT+ sensors including power meters, cadence sensors and heart rate straps.

Spiv MetriX Perfromance Mode

Monitor performance, display a live leader-board with targeted performance views for Power, Cadence, HR and other metrics and get performance analysis in real time and after each class.

Spivi’s services and widgets

Use our widgets and tools to complement your business and your website. Class scheduler, MINDBODY and Zingfit integration, leader-board widget and more. Constantly updated.
Performance View


Spivi® collects data from your bikes and displays: Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned Calories and Rank!
Spivi® combines the data with personal information such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates a unique group simulation in real-time.


Power View

Spivi® makes the power based training programs easy to follow!
Members can manually set their Functional Threshold Power (FTP) or let Spivi® update it for them automatically based on live class test and performance history.
The Power View displays the %FTP of each member and real-time power output in WATT units.


Heart Rate View

Just like with power, Spivi® offers dedicated view for Heart Rate.
Members can manually set their Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) and Resting Heart Rate (RHR) values on their user profiles. Alternatively, Spivi® can update the LTHR automatically based on live class test.
The heart rate view displays the %Max HR of each member and real-time heart rate in BPM units.


Cadence (RPM) View

Run Cadence oriented training plans with the Spivi® Cadence view. Instructors can focus on cadence training and show your members their real RPM values live!
The cadence view displays real-time cadence of each member in RPM units.


Team Competitions

Using Spivi®, you can split your class into as many as 4 teams and let them compete with each other.
In Team Mode, Spivi® splits the class into different teams according to the current team setup of the studio. Each team has its own unique color – Green, Red, Yellow or Blue, which lets you easily see who belongs to each team.


Fitness Tests

Run live fitness tests in class!
Spivi® offers various fitness tests such as FTP and LTHR to run live in class. After each test Spivi® displays the results and uploads them for future use. Fitness tests are great tool to improve member’s motivation and track progress over time.


Spivi Graphs

Data analysis

Your customers can use our widgets to track their performance over time, get better every time!
People can watch their effort compared to others in class, track their log and share their workouts data with others.


Spivi Facebook Share

Social Networked

Spivi® is integrated with the leading social networks available today such as facebook and twitter.
Spivi® is also running on a dedicated community website here at www.spivi.com, allowing people to interact with other members from their fitness club and meet new people from others – world wide. Expand your local experience behind the club’s walls.


Class Scheduler

Spot Reservation

Online Class Scheduler

Spivi® provides an online class scheduler for your studio.
Easily integrated on your website, the Spivi® Class scheduler lets your customers book classes online. Management is done from a secure place in your studio section on our site.

Watch the demo, see how it is fully integrated – try out the demo!

Already working with Zingfit, MINDBODY or LiveEdit to manage your studio? Great! Spivi® works with all of them to offer you a transparent integration.

Read more about the Services and Widgets we provide with Spivi®.


Spivi® MetriX is fully compatible with
LiveEdit ZingFit MINDBODY

Heart Rate Monitor Compatibility With Any ANT+ HR and Polar H7 BLE Straps

Garmin Logo
Polar H7 BLE Logo
Wahoo Fitness
Mio Logo
And many more!
Spivi® products are ANT+ certified and complies with the following specified ANT+ Device Profiles:


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