Cloud Services and Widgets For Your Studio

Spivi® collects data such as power, cadence, speed and heart rate wirelessly from sensors on each bike in the studio, combines everything with personal information such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates a unique group simulation which you can display alongside all performance data in real-time.
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Support Team

We’ve Got You Covered!

Owning and managing a fitness facility can be challenging and exciting at the same time. While we love to have zero maintenance, the reality is that equipment does fail at times and handy access is then highly appreciated part of our design.
We provide technical support and remote control services to our systems.
Every interaction with our customers is a building block to a strong relationship.
It is our goal to build a respectful and long-lasting commitment.



Remote Software Updates

Spivi® always gets better and better!
Our development team works every day to bring our clients ideas into reality.
When you purchase a Spivi® system you always get the latest system version immediately when it is released.

In a transparent process and when it’s idle, your Spivi® system connects to our servers to get the most updated software version.



Unlimited Data Storage For Your Members

Spivi® is much more than just a display system. Spivi® collects all performance data your members produce in class and saves everything for analysis and on-line review.
Your members can access their personal data anytime, from anywhere. We provide cloud services and data storage for unlimited number of members on our servers.


Data Sample HR
Data Sample Power
Data Sample RPM


Spivi Graphs

Graphs On Your Website!

Give your members all they need in one place – on your website!

Spivi® Class Scheduler can display your members performance history and data analysis on your website!

With the Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget, your members never have to leave your website to get their performance analysis, they can track their performance on your website.


Mobile Log-In

Mobile Access

Your members can use their mobile phones to easily log-in to classes, set their privacy settings, edit their personal avatars, upload their profile photos, pair their HR straps and more.

The Spivi® mobile app can be used by your instructors to move booked members between bikes and “Eject” booked bikes.


Spivi® Class Scheduler

Spivi® provides an online class scheduler for your studio.
Easily integrated on your website, the Spivi® Class scheduler lets your customers book classes online. Management is done from a secure place in your studio section on our site.

Already working with Zingfit, MINDBODY or LiveEdit to manage your studio? Great! Spivi® works with all of them to offer you a transparent integration.


Spot Reservation

One of the coolest features Spivi® Class Scheduler has to offer is a fully configurable spot reservation interface that you can add to your studio’s website with a single line of code.

Watch the demo, see how it is fully integrated – Try out the demo!

Already got MINDBODY to manage your studio? Spivi’s spot-reservation interface can work with it transparently to offer the service to your clients on your own website!

Spivi products are compatible with:
LiveEdit ZingFit MINDBODY Virtuagym
Got a different CRM? We have an open API you can integrate with!



Leaderboard Widget

The Leaderboard Widget lets you to embed a class leaderboard on your own website in only a few simple steps. This leaderboard displays an up-to-date list that summarizes the Spivi® scores of your members from all recent rides with four optional views:

  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month

You can use the leaderboard to encourage people to gain more points and purchase & participant in more classes.
Read more here.


Summary Email

Automatic Summary Emails

After each class Spivi® analyzes the data it collected and sends a summary email to all your members who took the class.
Your members will have their recent performance analysis at the moment they leave their bikes:

  • Avg Power
  • Distance
  • Avg RPM
  • Total Energy
  • Spivi® Ecosystem Points
  • Link to performance log and graphs


Spivi® Studio and Spivi® 365 Special Services


Riding Tracks

Get new riding tracks for your Spivi® Studio and Spivi® 365 systems.

Once every couple of months we’ll update your system with new riding tracks, we’ll add one or more new tracks and take out the oldest one you have on your tracks library to keep it clean and simple to pick from.

Training Programs

Get unlimited access to our professional indoor cycling training programs database.
This lets your instructors run professional classes with Spivi® and lets you run automated classes with our Virtual Instructors at off-schedule time.

Music & Virtual DJs

Get new music free to play in your classes.
4 different virtual DJs mix and play your music according to your structured workout programs.
Because being a DJ is more than just pressing play and because being an instructor is much more than just telling the class what to do, our virtual DJs are your private DJs who follow your real and virtual instructors’ guidelines and mix the music tracks to meet the class goals!



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