Choose the best Indoor Cycling Software for your Cycling Room

It’s now 2017 and with the New Year comes a new game plan. This strategic plan most likely includes exciting and ambitious goals that need to be met in order to drive your fitness studio forward. Perhaps you plan on hiring more employees or streamlining processes so your fitness club can operate more efficiently. On the other hand, it’s possible that 2016 was a very fruitful year and you could be in the market for new equipment to enhance your cycling studio. If so, you need to choose the right cycling software that will help your fitness studio stand out amongst the local competitors in your area. You’re going to need cycling software that will give your fitness club that competitive edge it needs to thrive.

Choose your Indoor Cycling Software

How To Start

To start this selection process, it’s important that you consider the current needs of your cycling studio. To identify these needs, you can perform a “needs analysis.” Begin by answering key questions that will help you in your decision-making process. Here are some important questions during your needs analysis:

  • How do I maximize equipment investment in my cycling room?
  • Which cycling software will keep my members engaged?
  • What do I want the cycling software to accomplish?
  • What are the primary features I need included in the software?
  • How will the features of this cycling software benefit my current customers?
  • Does the software have features I could potentially demonstrate to potential new customers?
  • Is the cycling software I am considering compatible with my current cycling studio equipment?
  • Is installing the software easy and hassle-free?
  • Does the software work if internet is down?
  • How to maintain the software and the related hardware?

Be sure to definitively answer these questions to properly identify what you are looking for in your search for cycling studio software.


Identify Primary Features and Functionalities

Indoor Cycling Bike

After identifying why you need cycling studio software you can choose one that includes all of your desired features. Since this software will be powering your entire cycling studio, it will make your life easier if the software is versatile and can satisfy all of your needs. Online widgets, such as a class scheduler, can provide fantastic value to the end user. The ability to reserve a spot from a mobile device is extremely convenient and efficient. Software that can account for all of your customer data is greatly beneficial in the long-term. Capturing customer data and translating that data into a readable, usable graphs and charts is something that can be used to make important business decisions.


Consider Customer Benefits

The software you choose is going to be viewed and used by your entire customer base. It’s now a reflection of your cycling studio and should benefit the customer user experience. Software that can generate visual training programs provides motivation and tangible goals that can be tracked. Keep customers focused on their fitness goals with live performance feedback, competitive user statistics, and engagingly interactive experiences. Virtual instructors allow your customers to have unique and personal workout experiences, while you can run your studio at your convenience. Finally, create a community and an environment by providing experiences tailored to individual customer needs.


The Choice is Yours

Once you know what you are looking for, you can focus your search on finding the specific cycling studio software that’s best for you. Learn more about how Spivi can provide you with all of the aforementioned benefits.