Improve your Fitness Studio’s Group Training Experience

The heartbeat of a fitness studio is customers because the ultimate goal of every prosperous fitness club is a happy and satisfied customer. That’s why you shouldn’t be satisfied with just standard customer service or experiences. You should always be pushing your fitness studio to find creative ways to enhance the customer experience further. Spivi cycling studio software can help you further develop the customer experience at your fitness club. Specifically, the software can dramatically enhance your fitness studio’s group training experience. This experience can be upgraded by utilizing many of Spivi’s software group training functionalities.


Live Group Experiences

With Spivi cycle studio software you hold the key to turn a normal group cycling session into an interactive challenge. As you can see here, during your spin classes you can translate the participant’s activity into an outdoor riding simulation. This keeps class members fully engaged throughout the duration of your cycle class. Each member of the cycling group is represented by an avatar on the video screen which allows each to tangibly track his or her goals for the class. In addition, this creates a unique class member experience, while catching the eye of a bystander who is interested in learning more. Members can physically see an area on the screen called the “Riding Zone,” which is used to hold the class member accountable to cycling in that zone throughout the duration of the class. This can be used as a coaching tool and an indicator for the class members focused on personal improvement. The digital landscape and scenery acts as the final piece of motivation needed to race your class instructor up the hill of success.

Indoor Cycling Live Group Experience


Data Driven Motivation

Furthermore, the cycle studio software is extremely capable of collecting user workout data. Spivi collects this data from sensors on the bikes within your cycling studio and combines them with customer’s information. No matter how you define your personal success, there is a way to track it. With multiple built-in views, you can measure your heart rate, your functional threshold power and cadence in RPMs. Customers can then use this generated data over time to track performance and continue to conquer their goals and set new ones. In addition, there are privacy-setting preferences for customers who prefer to keep their performance stats and results personal.

Data Driven Training Motivation


Competitive and Friendly Environment

In addition, this tracked user workout data can be put on display utilizing a dynamic leaderboard. This leaderboard will display power, speed, distance traveled, amount of energy used, burned calories, class members individual ranks and more, since there are 16 different attributes to select from. This creates healthy competition which, ultimately, drives more user activity. Class members will be driven to improve and beat their colleagues, which makes for a more engaged class. You want to create a community that will be empowered to keep improving through healthy competition and internal motivation. For more options, split your cycle classes into teams of four so to reinforce camaraderie and encouragement amongst class members.


To conclude, Spivi’s software continually adds value to improving your customer user experience. It creates a healthy environment based around data driven analysis, live user experiences and friendly competition.