David Bavin with London’s first fun and social cycling club Dirty Wknd, wrote a great blog post about the experience he had at Digme Fitness, one of our high-profile customers in the UK.

"Indoor cycling used to mean one of two things. A gruelling solo effort on the turbo trainer in your living room, trying to concentrate on Eastenders to stop the pain, or a techno pumping, dance-on-your-bike spin class. Now we’ve got nothing against either of those things (if that’s what you’re into), but if you like suffering with other people, or want some stats with your techno, where do you go?

Well luckily for you, Digme Fitness exists to offer you a much better alternative."

"The Digme trainers try and get everyone involved in the class (sometimes hard when your heart rate is at 189bpm) and you really do feed off the energy of the group. Another added bonus is the 3 large flat screens that show you leaderboards and stats from the class. They also show you as an avatar on the screen along with everyone else in the class (ala Zwift), so it really does feel like a group ride.

Now if you’re not ‘competing’ with the rest of the group, then the stats are just an easy way to check how you’re doing, and the riders on the screen just a welcome distraction. However if you are competing (and we definitely were) then watching your avatar break away from the group really motivates you to push harder. When the leaderboard is shown on the screen and you’re near the top, you feel great, and pedal a bit faster."

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