We’re excited to announce that, beginning today, we are rolling out an upgrade to the entire Spivi Products Family:
Spivi Studio – The premium solution for indoor cycling – 3D simulation, virtual instructors, per-second data analysis and much more!

Spivi 365 – Run virtual indoor cycling classes around the clock.
Spivi MetriX – The must have leaderboard solution for Indoor Cycling studios.
Spivi Arena – Monitor your entire facility for Heart Rate and Calories, run fitness challenges and keep your members engaged with your HIIT and GroupX classes.

These changes lay the foundation for the future that we are building for our company and our community.


Fitness Challenges – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi Arena)
We completely redesigned the user interface and added new options to target.
You can now run fitness challenges and compete on personal, per gender, gender vs gender, teams, and class basis.

More information about the new challenges can be found in the Spivi Academy.



Media Player – (Spivi Studio, Spivi Arena) 
The supported systems can now play any standard video file from a local storage device.
You can connect an external USB drive and play any standard video content using the new Media Player. 

More information about the new Media Player can be found in the Spivi Academy.



New Scenes – (Spivi Studio, Spivi 365)
Special theme based scenes have been added:
Middle Ages, Futuristic Metropolis, and Bewang Village.




Data Screens Reshape – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi 365, Spivi Arena)
The leaderboard and the color-coded views have been completely redesigned and have a new look.



Participants View – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX,  Spivi 365, Spivi Arena)
An update to the participants view now provides live feedback for synced fitness equipment (Heart Rate, Power, Cadence etc).
Members and instructors can get an instant indication whether their devices are connected or not.



Multilingual Support  – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX,  Spivi 365, Spivi Arena)
Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters are now supported in class by the Spivi Runtime Engine, and all systems are ready to display real-time information in local languages.

The upcoming version now includes French for French-speaking facilities.
To submit local language request, please email support@spivi.com and include your facility name and your local language. 

Cloud Services

We made some improvements on our ecosystem’s cloud services, including email editor and branded app.


Email Editor – Allows full customization of the summary email, class booking and class cancellation emails sent by our auto-mailer.



Branded App – Based on the Spivi Mobile App we now offer fully branded app for the health club operator.  For more information please contact us.
As you know, Spivi is much more than a great visual experience. The Spivi platform is there to create a local community for your members in your facility.
Our clients support each other through an interconnected community. Therefore, we want to extend a thank you to everyone who has been apart of our journey so far!If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

If you already have a Spivi Studio system or a Spivi MetriX system, and you still don’t have Spivi Arena to track performance in your facility, contact us to get an amazing offer!

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