We’re excited to launch the new version of Spivi Studio and Spivi MetriX.

In this version, for the first time ever, we’re introducing the new video distribution platform, the native mobile app for iOS and Android, performance dashboard and other new features that will help you to manage your members’ accounts and enhance your fitness facility overall offering.

Global deployment will start Saturday April 22nd 2017 2:00 AM GMT, all Spivi Studio and Spivi MetriX systems will get this update automatically, make sure to keep your systems up and connected to the internet.

Here’s what’s new:


The Sufferfest Video Channel

For the first time we’re introducing the new cloud based video distribution platform for all Spivi systems, and we’re proud to start with The Sufferfest channel.

With a global following of “Sufferlandrians”, The Sufferfest‘s videos are regarded as the best cycling training videos in the world. With workouts designed by sports scientists, killer music, clear instructions, engaging storylines and incredible video, The Sufferfest has everything you need to run amazing sessions that get huge results for your members.

A single demo video (full session) is included with the new version. To get the complete video package available to be played in your studio you will have to subscribe to The Sufferfest.
With an active subscription, videos will be downloaded while the system is powered on and connected to the Internet.

Each video channel will be presented on the main menu as a separate scene.

When you choose a video channel as your workout scene, a video selection interface will be displayed with all the related titles of that channel.
Available titles will be displayed first and the rest of the titles will be displayed as locked.
Use the directional pad to select the title and press the start button to play it.

Want to subscribe your facility? Go to your My Studio section and click on the “The Sufferfest” option.


Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard introduced in this version allows you to enjoy the interactive scenes Spivi offers while viewing real-time performance metrics of the group. The dashboard shows the relevant metrics such as Power, Cadence, Heart Rate and Burned Calories. Each element displayed provides a color hint aiming members to train at the desired zone. Gray means that you’re training below the effort zone, red means that you’re training above the zone and green means that you’re training within the zone.


Santorini Track

Spivi Studio now includes a new scene of the Greek island, Santorini.
The road is designed to wrap the entire island while enjoying the sea view, crossing typical Greek villages and absorbing the Mediterranean atmosphere.


New Ranking Options

We added new ranking options to your leaderboard so you would be able to rank your classes by accumulated energy (for power equipped bikes), total calories, total distance or Spivi points (SEP).
To change the way your members are being ranked on the leaderboard go to your My Studio section and select Set Leaderboard Appearance.


Members Management Interface

You can now set members’ essential account information from a single screen. Go to My Studio -> Manage Club Members and click the “Edit User Profile” button.


Web Widget – Instructors Biography Page

You can now add a page on your website with dynamic information about your instructors. This page includes your instructors list, their bio and their upcoming classes.

To add your instructors information use the Class Scheduler – Instructors Metadata option on your My Studio section. To get the code visit the Widget Options link on the same section.

Watch the demo here – http://www.shapethatstudio.com/?page_id=167


The New Spivi Mobile App

You probably noticed it already, the new Spivi mobile app is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. Using the mobile app your members can view, book, change seats and pay for classes, edit their personal Spivi Avatar, review their workouts, get challenges results and review their points.


Branded App

Want to get the new Spivi mobile app branded to your facility? With an additional small monthly fee you can get the Spivi mobile app branded to your facility.
More information about the branded app can be found here.


New features for MINDBODY studios

We added a couple of new features which will make it easier for your staff to manage their daily tasks.

  • Release Seat: This releases the reserved spot but keeps the reservation active on MINDBODY. If an auto assignment is set a new random bike will NOT be reserved automatically.
  • Switch Seats – This switches seats between two booked members without the need of canceling any booking on MINDBODY. Very useful when you have a waiting list and you don’t want anybody to lose their reserved seats.


New CRM Integrations

We are now integrated with Deciplus, a cloud CRM platform in France.

We hope your members will enjoy the new updates!

The Spivi Team