If you run a fitness studio, then you owe it to your clients to ensure that you are as up-to-date with the latest technologies as possible. You can, of course, have a great workout with nothing but your own body and some pedals. But, technology has enhanced what’s possible with this form of training and opened up some exciting new methods to improve fitness.

In this post, we’ll take a look at five of the absolute essentials that will take your cycling room to the next level.

Absolute essentials that will take your cycling room to the next level

1. Heart Rate Monitoring and Other Metrics

These days, every cycling studio should have some kind of performance tracking system with at least heart rate monitoring capabilities for users as they train. These systems can provide real-time feedback and record progress over time.

Heart rate training allows for many possibilities. Not only is it a good measure of physical fitness – meaning that cyclists can see themselves improve over time – but it will also allow for zone training. This means that users can aim to train in a purely aerobic state, or switch between energy systems for advanced HIIT training.

Simply put, if your cycling room doesn’t have heart rate monitoring capability then it’s behind the times. It’s also now fairly standard for more advanced cycle studio systems to provide other metrics and data during and after workouts. This should include attributes such as power, cadence, burned calories and averages of these over the entire class. Again, this information will allow users to set and meet personal targets so they can see themselves improve over time.

2. Performance Analysis

While many cycling studios can track users during workouts, the very best systems also store this data on the cloud and analyze it so users have access to their workouts and performance trends from any platform. This opens up a host of possibilities; Motivational competitions and personal challenges, for example, in the form of leaderboards.

Everyone loves to see themselves improve over time; this is what makes training so rewarding and addictive. By adding performance analysis capability to your cycling systems, you can ensure that your patrons keep coming back and stay highly committed to their goals.

Users have access to their workouts and performance trends from any platform
3. Entertainment

The best cycling facilities are places where we can go to work out and feel good about ourselves. There are also opportunities to feel pampered, and even catch up on some reading or other entertainment.

The most basic solution is to provide a few television screens for the entire studio and play some entertaining videos over it. But you can also take this to the next level and provide users with an interactive system, such as Spivi, which give your members an active role on the displayed scene instead of just being passive observers.

4. Virtual Training

Systems like Spivi take these concepts even further with Virtual Cycling Classes, and other virtual training features. These offer a range of options, such as allowing cyclists to follow guided workouts (which adapt in real time to heart rate data and performance) or to experience virtual cycling tracks and faux ‘VR’.

While certainly more entertaining, virtual training is more exciting, rewarding and motivational. It’s also a tangible way to demonstrate your studio’s commitment to providing the latest high-tech features and optimizing the utilization of your facility by offering classes 24/7.

Entertainment videos simply provide a distraction.
Virtual cycling classes both engage and help to improve overall performance.

Virtual cycling classes engage and help to improve overall performance

5. Bike Consoles

The days of simple metal bikes are long gone. Every new piece of fitness equipment including indoor cycling bikes now has built-in sensors and a personal console that displays these measurements. Having live performance feedback for each member in your studio is an essential tool to help them achieve optimal training results and improve overall satisfaction. In addition, while consoles become an industry standard you don’t want to stay behind your competitors.



As you can see, there’s plenty of room for technological innovation in most cycling studios. By adding a few more features and tools to your setup, you can better cater to the needs of your visitors, and make your studio more appealing and engaging.