The Fitness Resolution

By Celestina Blok

Even In the dead winter, cyclists can ride through the picturesque terrain of Colorado, Lake Tahoe and even Ethiopia at Pedals Cycling Studio, new in Keller from owner Marlissa Kraft, who fell in love with indoor cycling while living in frigid Wisconsin. Buy the Studio’s 3-D visual system and spacious, stadium –style layout aren’t the only features that set it apart from other spin venues.


“We have power meters on our bikes that are connected to computers” says Kraft, who lost 90 pounds by way of indoor cycling. “You can see your progress. Our system allows you to store and track that information. Instead of guessing your progress based on how you feel, you actually see numbers. Maybe you started at 90 watts of power and now you’re at 120 watts.”

Kraft’s SpinPower Blades ION bikes inspire riders to push a little harder based on wattage required to climb a hill or race to finish. Speaking of hills, Kraft’s virtual ride program allows her to add those on a whim, if she desires.

“I can manuall add a hill and you’ll see the hill coming up” she says. “Every time you ride, it’s not the same. And if everybody looks like they’re dying, I can exit quickly.”

Class types range from intro sessions from beginners to 90-minute endurance rides and are offered at multiple times a day, seven days a week.


Pedals Cycling Studio, Keller Texas