Once again, Digme Fitness, one of our respected customers in the UK, named as one of the top indoor cycling locations in London by Seen In The City.

From the article:

If you are competitive and want to push yourself, you must book into a spin class at Digme Fitness. Using specialist indoor bikes (Keiser M3i) and top of the range fitness tracking software. You are able to measure your performance, calories burnt, RPM and so much more, at a very accurate level. Their signature class lasts 45 minutes although there are some “performance” classes which last for 75 minutes (If you dare). Based on a pay as you go system, the classes cost £20 for one credit, bundle credits are available.

Not all the classes at Digme are competitive, if you would like to cycle to your own pace and to the rhythm of the music, it’s certainly worth checking out their beat classes which are all about enjoying yourself. Don’t be fooled though, all classes are run by extremely talented cyclists who will get you working hard and burning those calories. Digme fitness have two spinning studios based in London and a further two outside the city!