Performance History Widget


Spivi® collects data from sensors on all bikes in the studio, combines them with members’ personal information, and generates a live performance feedback, available in many different views.

Spivi® also saves the collected data for your members so they can actually review their performance log and data analysis after the class at their convenient time on

But your members don’t have to go to the website to get their performance data, they can get it on your studio’s website!

Performance Graphs

The Performance Widget lets you add a workout history log and performance graphs for your member, on your website.

It displays an up-to-date personal performance log for your members, detailed minute-by-minute graphs for Distance, Calories, Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate BPM, Power, Total Energy, Heart Rate %HRM, %FTP, %LTHR, Watt/Kg and Spivi® Points.

Your members can select what workout to review and which attributes to analyze.
The Performance Widget is included as part of the Scheduler Widget and soon also via our business partners.

Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget

As part of the cloud services that we provide with the Spivi® platform, we offer a basic yet powerful and flexible Class Scheduler widget, which can be easily implemented, in a few simple steps, on any website.

The Class Scheduler widget lets you manage the class attendance of your studio and offer, to your customers, an online booking service, which they can use without having to leave your website.

To learn more about the Scheduler Widget with its bike reservation feature and how to implement it on your website visit this page – Spivi® Class Scheduler