Spivi® Class Scheduler


As part of the cloud services we provide with the Spivi® platform, we offer a basic yet powerful and flexible Class Scheduler widget, which can be easily implemented, in a few simple steps, on any website.
The Class Scheduler widget lets you manage the class attendance of your studio and offer, to your customers, an online reservation service, which they can use without having to leave your website.
Spivi® Class Scheduler


With the Spivi® Class Scheduler, you can:
1. Have one place on your website to display the events for the upcoming week.
2. Manage class schedule events and single or special events in one place.
3. Manage any type of classes, including Spivi® or any other class at your studio.
4. Let people reserve their spots online, just like at the theater.
5. Let people register with their Facebook ID or with email and password.
6. Have events without reserved seats/spots.
7. Have class reservations synced with Spivi® in class.
8. Control the amount of time people can register for a class before it begins
9. Limit the number of attendees per event.
10. Publish password-protected events and events with the online registration feature disabled.
11. Let people see their reservations, set their user profiles and upload their pictures.

How to implement it?
Implementing the Class Scheduler widget on your website is very easy.
With a single line of code embedded within the webpage you select, implementation takes a couple of minutes and requires no special skills.
You can embed the widget on any type of platform, including WordPress, native HTML, or any other website platform you use.
To copy the code required for the widget, go to the www.spivi.com website, log in, navigate to the “My Studio” section, and select the “Class Scheduler” option.


How does it work?
The Class Scheduler runs on Spivi® cloud services, which means that everybody who has a Spivi® user account can use the scheduler on your website to reserve their spot. They will also be logged-in automatically when a Spivi® class starts, and will receive email notifications with their performance summary when class ends. People who don’t have an account can create one in a few moments, or use their Facebook ID to sign-in.

Interface overview – client side
When loading the scheduler, the first screen you see is a list of all events for the upcoming week, sorted by date. Signing up and reserving a spot is pretty straight forward… all you toned to do is click on the Sign-Up button of the selected event.

Spivi® Class Scheduler

Once you click on the Sign-Up button, you sign-in using your Facebook ID or email/password to register. (If this is your first reservation, you can use your email address or Facebook ID to sign up.)

Widget Login

After the system has identified you, the next screen you’ll see is the spot reservation screen. Clicking on an available spot and then clicking on the Sign Up button will reserve your spot.

Spot Reservation

Once confirmed, you’ll see the list of your reservations and an email will be sent to you with your reservation details.

Reserved classes
With the Class Scheduler, people can also update their user profile information and change their class privacy settings.

Privacy Settings

As an admin, you can set the studio layout easily. Navigate to the “My Studio” tab on www.spivi.com and select “Set Studio Layout.” This will take you to a special tool we created for layout editing.

Use the tool to setup your studio layout. Just click “Add Bike” to add as many bikes as you have in your studio, drag them around and position them as they appear in the room.

If your room looks different from the default maps we have, you can upload your custom map, which will be placed as a background for the studio layout. Once finished, save the layout by clicking the Save button.

Adding classes and events
To add classes or events to the scheduler, navigate again to “My Studio” and select the “Class Scheduler” option. To add a class, click on the “Add a class to schedule” link.

Scheduler Editor

Once there, you can add the event information, choose whether to make online registration available for users, and pair the event with the Spivi® system you have at your studio.
You can also set how many hours prior the event people will be able to register.

User attendance management
Attendance management is done in your studio section of the www.spivi.com website.
When you have your classes set, click on the Events tab of your studio section. What you’ll see is the upcoming events list. If you want to see who registered to any event, click on the “Registration List” link near the event name. Clicking on this link allows you to see who has their reservation booked, drop them or add new studio members to the list.

Events List

Once a Spivi® class begins, instructors can “Release” seats of “no shows,” and people who arrived in class but didn’t have the chance to reserve their spot can sign-in using the Spivi® mobile application.

To watch the Spivi® Class Scheduler in action, visit www.shapethatstudio.com