The Leaderboard Widget


One of the great online features we provide now with our cloud services subscription is the Leaderboard Widget.


The Leaderboard Widget lets you embed a class leaderboard on your own website in only a few simple steps. This leaderboard displays an up-to-date list that summarizes the Spivi scores of your members from all recent rides with four optional views: This Week, Last Week, This Month, and Last Month.

You can use the leaderboard to encourage people to gain more points and purchase & participant in more classes.

For example, as an incentive, you can give a free class to the person who is ranked #1 on your weekly or monthly board.

How to embed the Leaderboard Widget

Go to and Log in with your studio-owner E-mail and Password.
Once logged-in, go to the “My Studio” section and select “Widget Options”. In this screen, you will see an HTML code for all currently available widgets.


Copy the Leaderboard Widget Code and paste it to a page on your website.
Use the color pickers to change the colors of your widget to blend with your website color scheme.

That’s all there is to it!