We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX and Spivi 365 software releases, an upgraded Spivi Workout Creator and a whole new mobile web-application for Spivi!
We have added many new features, upgrades and options and we’ll cover the highlights here.
Your Spivi system will get automatically updated with the latest version during the next 48 hours as part of our global software deployment.
Here is a glance of what you’re about to experience, enjoy!
The Spivi Team
New interface for workout scene selection screen
We facelifted the workout scene selection screen, it has a new look and it now supports scheduled classes and upcoming events listings for Spivi Studio and Spivi 365.



Better control over your instructors on Spivi
You can now use the “Manage club members” option on the “My Studio” page to promote members accounts to instructors accounts and also remove these permissions when an instructor is no longer working with you.
Instructors permissions allow your instructors to use the new Mobile Web-App in class and move members between bikes, release taken seats and review class reservations. It also allows them to upload structured workouts (see below), review performance data and recover data for your members.
Instructors are now able to access your studio’s “My Studio” page with a limited set of options. They have access to the studio’s performance logs and performance recovery options, and can also use the Spivi Workout Creator to upload structured workouts to your studio account.
Don’t say you didn’t know!
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Higher-Resolution Data Collection and New Graphs
Forget about minute-by-minute graphs and welcome per-second data analysis!
With smarter data-collecting abilities and a higher-resolution data collection Spivi is now able to provide even more information on each workout. We added per-second graphs, histograms for power, heart rate and cadence, power zones and heart rate zones.


Workout Data Download
We have added the ability to download workout data as files in FIT format.
FIT or Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer is a file format used by many fitness companies to transfer and save workout data. From now you can download your FIT files and upload them to other services such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo and others.
This also applies for managers and instructors who want to download their members’ workout data and load it elsewhere.


New Workout Creator
The new Workout Creator is a simple yet powerful Windows application that allows you to create structured workouts, upload them to your studio account on the Spivi cloud and play your uploaded workouts using your Spivi system in class.
You can also run created workouts guided by virtual instructors with Spivi 365 and Spivi Studio and use the Workout Creator to export the entire workout plan to a PDF file and print it.


To learn how to use the Workout Creator Watch This Video.
New look for Structured Workouts Mode
We added an Intensity Zone graph which is displayed on the workout selection screen and when applying first person view also during class.
Current target goals moved to the top bar, allowing better view for everybody.
We also added a splash view for the upcoming target goals, it appears as a small pop-up banner every time, 15 seconds before a new element is displayed.



Heart Rate Pairing is now also available before class begins
Instructors can turn on the Heart Rate Pairing tool and assist members to pair their HR straps right after a scene has been selected.  To learn more on how the HR Pairing tool works, watch this video.


Clock and Timer Formats
You can adjust the clock/timer format or hide it.  Use the “My Studio” -> “Set Leaderboard appearance” option to set this feature.
New Scheduler Widget Weekly (Matrix) view
If you use the Spivi Scheduler Widget on your website, you can now change the traditional list view into a weekly view.


Changing the current view is easy, if you use the Scheduler Widget without MINDBODY then go to the “My Studio” page, select the “Class Scheduler” option and then the “Set Advanced Scheduler Options”:


If you use the Scheduler Widget with MINDBODY then go to the “My Studio” page and select the “Class scheduler – MINDBODY interface options” option:


New Mobile Web-Application
We have launched a new mobile web-app for your members! It is now even easier to book a bike, buy classes, edit a user profile and reviewing your stats.
If you use the Spivi Scheduler Widget (with or without MINDBODY) it will be loaded automatically whenever your members visit your schedule page on your website.
The mobile web-app is also available on www,spivi.com when you browse it using your mobile phone, select the “Log in to a Spivi class” option to load it.


We have created a closed group for studio owners and instructors who use Spivi.
This is the best place for you to learn more on Spivi from others!
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Many other features and enhancements have added such as the ability to configure your instructors accounts for auto-login with MINDBODY, volume control for background music, enhanced data capture, network enhancements and more!
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