Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce the new release of Spivi® Studio Edition.

Spivi® Studio Edition is an innovative 3D Visualizing system made for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs, installed on existing equipment.

Spivi® simulation engine generates an interactive virtual 3D visual experience based on real time data wirelessly collected from your indoor cycling bikes.

In this release we have some amazing user interface improvements.

We’ve got a new real-time performance table!

1. A whole new sleek look.

2. Profile pictures now appear on the left hand side.

3. We’ve got ranks! Be the first, get the golden star!

4. We now calculate your energy! Energy is based on power, it’s the accumulated output power in Kilojoules units.

5. Heart rate, rank, power, cadence, speed, distance, energy values are all configurable. You decide which values to display and which to hide.

6. Summary table with session statistics now appears at the end of the session.

The new version is now being deployed automatically to all of our customers worldwide.

Spivi Studio Edition Spivi Studio Edition Spivi Studio Edition

screenshot11122013_180120713Spivi Studio EditionSpivi Studio Edition