We are packing and polishing the 3rd BETA of Spivi Home Edition. This version has many improvements and enhancements, sleeker user interface, better compatibility and new features!

The upcoming version will be available for downloads on Sunday February 2.

Meet FTP, LTHR and RHR. Before we explain what are these they are going to affect your training sessions with Spivi, making everything even more personal.

Coming in this BETA version of Spivi Home Edition (and soon in Spivi Studio Edition as well), Spivi will display your performance tailored to your ability and state of fitness.

FTP – Functional Threshold Power is your maximal sustainable power output you can hold for one hour. It’s NOT your “average” power. As average has a different meaning in a power context to “sustained”. And for accuracy, it should be a steady state power derived from a “flat” course. To use this function you need a Power sensor or a Speed & Cadence sensor on your bike.

LTHR – Lactate Threshold Heart Rate is the maximum average heart rate you can hold for an hour. So if your average HR for an hour ends up being 180 bpm, that means your LTHR is 180. It’s very similar to FTP.

RHR – Resting heart rate is your heart rate when you are at rest, that is lying down but awake, and not having recently exerted yourself. Typically between 60-80 bpm.

You can set both your FTP and LTHR manually or let Spivi set them for you.