We’re excited to announce that beginning today, we are rolling out an upgrade to the entire Spivi Products Family:

Spivi Studio – The ultimate solution for Indoor Cycling with 3D simulation, Leaderboards, Virtual Instructors, Fitness Challenges and much more!

Spivi 365 – Run Indoor Cycling classes with virtual instructors around the clock.

Spivi MetriX – The must have leaderboard solution for Indoor Cycling studios.

Spivi Arena – Monitor your entire facility for Heart Rate and Calories, run fitness challenges and keep your members engaged with your HIIT and GroupX classes.

Your systems are set to automatically get the update in the next 48 hours, as part of our global deployment.

Here’s a sneak peek on what’s coming up:

Maintenance Mode – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi Arena)
All major system maintenance operations such as sensor pairing and spots switch are now available as a self-service utility and accessible in studio using the controller in the system run-time environment.





More information about the maintenance mode can be found on the Spivi Academy.

Video Tutorials – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi Arena)
Our constantly growing library of system operation videos is now available on every type of Spivi system. New instructors and new staff members can easily catch-up with the basics while your home instructors can extend their knowledge and become experts with more advanced topics.
The library will be seamlessly updated when the new software release is added.





The complete training video library can be found on the Spivi Academy.

Sufferfest Channel – (Spivi Arena)
After it was a successful channel with Spivi Studio, The Sufferfest channel is now coming to the Spivi Arena.
This video channel includes one free Yoga training video for each facility using the Spivi Arena. The entire library can be added by subscribing to The Sufferfest channel on the My Studio (admin) page.






New Metric WPP – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi 365, Spivi Arena)
The Workout Program Points (WPP) is a new metric that rewards members for training according to the workout goals. For each minute spent in the training zone, a member earns 1 WPP. The WPP can be added to the standard leaderboard, it can be used to determine the rank and it is available as a key metric across multiple fitness challenges.

Learn more about the WPP on the Spivi Academy.






The Cascade Range – (Spivi Studio, Spivi 365)
The Cascades are part of the Pacific Oceans’s Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes and associated mountains around the Pacific Ocean and they were the main inspiration for this new scene.






Music Library Updates – (Spivi Studio, Spivi MetriX, Spivi 365, Spivi Arena)
Our virtual DJ’s library has been updated with 2 new albums.
Dance Club #2 – an electronic music album that will bring the dance club atmosphere in.
Rock & Shock – alternative rock album that will rock up your workouts.





If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

If you already have a Spivi Studio system in your cycle room, and you still don’t have Spivi Arena for the rest of your GroupX classes, contact us at to get an amazing offer!


Thanks again!

The Spivi Team