Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget has a built-in feature that allows it to work directly with MINDBODY® to provide per bike booking on your website.



One of the many useful tools that the Spivi network provides is the Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget.

Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget is a fully configurable class schedule and spot reservation interface that you can embed on your studio’s website, easily with a single line of code.

Want to see how it works? Try our Demo Website.



Fully compatible with MINDBODY®, Spivi® Class Scheduler Widget has a built-in feature that allows it to work directly with your MINDBODY® account to provide per bike booking on your website.

You don’t need to let your members leave your website just to book a class.
With a single line of code that you can embed on your website, you can offer your members a spot reservation service with MINDBODY® on your website, no need of any other 3rd party vendor or provider.

With the Spivi® Class Scheduler, you can work with almost any web platform including WordPress to:

  • Have one place on your website to display the events and classes from MINDBODY® for the upcoming week.
  • Offer spot reservation service for your indoor cycling classes and let people reserve their bikes online, just like at the theater.
  • Let people sign in with their Facebook ID or with their MINDBODY® account.
  • Display other classes and events for booking.
  • Have your class reservations synchronized with your Spivi system in class, in a way members will be able to get their performance data by email, instantly after each class, and have their performance saved to their account.
  • Allow members to manage their reservations, manage their user profiles, set their privacy settings and upload their profile pictures directly from your website.

With the Spivi Class Scheduler Widget your members can also track their performance and review a minute-by-minute graphs on your website.

If you have more than one Spivi system, let’s say a Spivi Studio system in your cycling room and a Spivi Arena system at your other room where you run Barre classes, you can use the Spivi Scheduler Widget to offer spot reservation for both bikes and mats, on your website.

Implementing it on your website is very easy, you can embed the widget on any type of web platform, including WordPress, native HTML, and more.




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