From the Cidade De Niterói Jornal,Spain , February 5, 2019:

Translated from Spanish:

A much safer, more dynamic and fun exercise bike experience: this is the Spivi technology which is on the grid of the Tio Sam Camboinhas Complex.

“With SPIVI, the indoor cycling experience becomes more than just cycling. The students feel, and in fact experiencing an outdoor workout session, with all the difficulties that an irregular track can offer,” comments Loany Santos, a teacher of Uncle Sam. And adds: “The program works via Bluetooth and is connected to each bike. From sensors, the student’s information goes to the computer, which passes the avatar images of each one to the TV in the classroom.
For students, this is a unique way to perform the exercises, since inside the gym, they usually practice in an indoor way. For us, teachers, it’s a way to follow in a very personal way the development of each one, since we can see, individually, the RPM and the heart rate of the students.”

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