Published on NOVO Jornalismo, Spain, October 14, 2019:

New technology delivers incredible experience with a lot of adrenaline in surreal scenarios

One of the fastest growing sports in the world is cycling. The demand for the sport is intense, but it comes up against the lack of adequate public spaces and insecurity. But if you could feel the adrenaline of cycling in street, mountain, snow, sun or rain scenery, in a 100% safe environment, with the convenience of being at the gym without worries? This is the proposal of SCAPE, innovative technology that arrived at Pulse Health & Fitness in Natal to revolutionize the practice of cycling in studio in Brazil.

SCAPE, the groundbreaking Indoor Cycle studio, is located at the Pulse Health & Fitness gym. It is designed to be a fully immersive environment, made possible by SPIVI, a tool that simulates competitions among cyclists within the room. “We invest in the latest technology, providing an innovative, dynamic and interactive design, all so that our customers have the most complete physical and mental enhancement with all the comfort and safety they deserve,” explained Pulse CEO Horácio Oliveira.

Spivi also collects bike data and student personal information such as age, weight and history to inform real-time participant performance, optimal distance and speed of the course. In addition to the tool, SCAPE features all-new machinery such as bicycles, big screens and state-of-the-art sound and light equipment to deliver a second level experience through the rhythm of music and light together. The ambiance of the new studio will provide an experience full of visual and auditory sensations for customers. The space was designed by renowned Potiguar architect Felipe Bezerra and will be officially open this week and is now available for use by Pulse customers.

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