The Fitness Resolution

By Lauren Abate de Albuquerque – The Jambalaya News January 16, 2015


What better time to start working on a new you than at the beginning of a new year?

Jackie Tabor, owner of ROLL Indoor Cycling on Ryan St. in Lake Charles, is a fitness enthusiast. And enthusiastic she is. She’s a powerhouse in a petite and trim package, bursting with energy.

“I’ve run a couple half-marathons and of course, several 5ks. I have strength trained in several gyms with several personal trainers. I’ve done every diet and finally lost 25 pounds when I decided I wanted to do what’s good and right for my body, which includes a healthy diet. I am also a certified Spinning(r) instructor who attended the World Spinning & Sports Convention in Miami, last May. “

Tabor’s been trained by Barbara Hoots, an internationally acclaimed instructor and studio Designer as well as Scott Schlesinger, Master Spinning(r) Instructor in Miami and Shelly Scott, from Full Psycle Indoor Cycling in Costa Mesa, CA.

“I was encouraged to attend an Indoor Cycling class in Houston by my friend and workout partner and became addicted the very first time!” she says.

“Roll Indoor Cycling(TM) was branded and opened in August, 2014 because my husband and I wanted to create an exciting, inspiring, and effective workout for EVERY walk of life,” Tabor continues. “Indoor Cycling is sweeping across the country because it is way more than just a typical spin(r) class. It’s a fitness experience that includes mind, body, and spirit. Our focus is on overall well-being and quality of life.”

The space is eye-catching, with red, black, white and chrome accents. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming. The day we visited, little Foxy, Tabor’s black Lhasa, was there, sporting a big red bow to match the décor.

Unique Classes

The spin(r) classes at Roll(TM) are different because the studio is basically a fitness venue. In contrast to the exterior rooms, the studio is dimly lit to eliminate self-consciousness and boasts a $30k sound system designed by Porche Advanced Systems to “drop the beat” and block outside stress and negativity, which allows members to lose themselves in the music for 45 minutes.

“Really, that’s just the beginning!” Tabor says proudly. “Roll(r) is equipped with state-of-the-art Blade Ion Spinner(r) Bikes with the most advanced technology in the industry. The Roll team of instructors has been trained by the same world-class instructors as I have and would ROCK any stage at Full Psycle or WSSC in Miami.”

Spivi is the performance tech that is used to track the rider’s performance and keep things a little competitive. Riders can “opt out” of competition on their accounts at or they can utilize the Spivi Leaderboard to push beyond their limits and fly in to fitness.

“WBX is an amazing indoor cycling experience!” Tabor says. “Riders are instructed with weights on the bike to work out their entire body! Not only are WBX classes the latest trend in fitness, they are way fun, so 45 minutes basically flies by. There is science behind the cardio-vascular workout in spinning(r). WBX takes it to the next level to offer our members a safe, efficient, minimum impact-maximum effect FULL BODY workout!”

On a Mission

Tabor says the mission of Roll Indoor Cycling(TM) is to combat the current culture of busy-ness, self-consciousness, and our overall unhealthiness.

“Our bodies were made to MOVE,” she explains. “Also, thanks to the food industry, all calories are no longer created equal. We can eat HALF as much as we used to (processed foods) and still gain weight. It’s time SWLA got on the national bandwagon of fitness to take care of ourselves. With the onset of the Health App and Apple Watch, our health insurance companies will soon be giving ‘credits’ to our premiums by tracking individual fitness. Roll(TM) is a fun and inviting atmosphere to get in or stay in shape because we are a community designed to benefit every fitness level!”

Tabor says she’s found an effective program that builds joints and muscles rather than destroys them, “and we’re having a blast in the process. We go to great lengths to ensure our classes are never boring and always promote healthy attitudes and lifestyles to our riders.”

This dynamic woman says she is so excited to have a cool place to stay in shape and make better connections to the wonderful people of SWLA. “Moreover, I am truly honored to work with every member of The Roll Team to bring this new fitness ADDICTION to Lake Charles!”

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