What is included with a Spivi® system?


The ultimate display system!

Spivi Studio is s a social-network enhanced real-time rendering system which generates a real-time 3D illustration of the group activity, it displays an animated scenery in a virtual world.

Each trainee has his or her own Spivitar, an animated figure which can be colored and modified individually, and a personal user profile on the Spivi cloud, where the Spivi systems save their performance data and activity log.

The group of trainees is placed on a virtual road in an order that reflects the effort of the riders. The effort is being calculated using power sensors (where available) or an algorithm which combines the MET when used with cadence sensors and heart rate straps (optional).

Instructors can control the animated scenery in real-time using a wireless controller.

It will help you to recruit new customers, reduce members dropout and keep gym members engaged.
Spivi Studio is a professional and an extraordinary solution to stimulate, elevate and motivate anyone who exercise in your facility.

What is included?

When buying a Spivi Studio system you get:

  • Spivi Studio Rendering Server (computer) with Spivi Studio Edition installed and ready to run.

    The Spivi Studio Rendering Server communicates with sensors on each bike and generates an interactive, virtual 3D visual experience, which you can display, for everyone to see, using whatever projector and screen you choose to use. The studio server also generates hi-fidelity audio effects that you can broadcast through your existing sound system.

  • Wireless bridge to communicate with all sensors you have on your bikes.
  • Wireless Router to bridge between your network to Spivi.
  • Wireless controller (XBOX like game-pad) for your instructors to control everything in real time.
  • User manual, installation manual
  • Remote training (Live webinar) via Skype/Video conference for you and for your instructors
  • Optional ANT+ cadence sensors, one for each bike you have, where needed.
Spivi Computer

Prior to the installation you need:

  • Display. That could be a big white screen with a decent projector (HD LCD preferred), a big flat panel TV or several flat panels constructed as a wall in a matrix formation. We recommend a big white screen and a good LCD projector. Read more here.
  • Active internet connection.