Team Mode

Did you know that Spivi® Studio can be used for team competition during class?

Team Mode

Using Spivi®, you can split your class into as many as 4 teams and let them compete with each other.
In Team Mode, Spivi® splits the class into different teams according to the current team setup of the studio. Each team has its own unique color – Green, Red, Yellow or Blue, which lets you easily see who belongs to each team.


The goal of the competition in Team Mode is for the team members to contribute to the highest combined score.

How to turn Team Mode On and Off?
To turn Team Mode on, press the right analog stick once.
To turn Team Mode off press the right analog stick once again.

Team Mode on/off

How to set the team configuration?

1. As a studio admin, Log in to In the top navigation bar, click on “My Studio”.

2. Once there, select the “Set Studio Layout” option from the options list.

3. Using the Studio Layout editor, split your class into different teams and save the layout.

Studio Layout

It’s as simple as that!