Spivi® Studio – Operation Modes


Spivi® Studio offers 3 modes to run a class

    1. Live Instructor – For professional instructors, guidelines appear on screen dynamically stated by the insturctor, people can see themselves as avatars on the virtual road with their real performance data. The instructor can use the controller to change the road angle, change inclines and declines as well as daylight effects.
    2. Virtual Insturtor – Made to be used with professional and non-professional instructors. Everything on screen is scheduled and planned; all goals are clearly pointed out and appear on screen. There are many pre-defined training programs on the system and you can always use professional instructors to create new programs using our Spivi® TPE (BETA) tool which is available on-line.
    3. Custom workout mode – For professional instructors. Programs can get created using our Spivi® TPE (BETA) tool and then run in class. Clear goals now appear on screen and the instructor can set the goals (HR, Cadence, Resistance) in real time using the controller.

Mode Selection

To start a new class session with Spivi® Studio, an instructor or one of the staff has to turn the system on and select one of the options above.

The workout level of the program depends on the program you use, we have programs for all levels and we create new programs on a regular basis as part of the cloud services that we provide.