I am using ZingFit, can I use the spot reservation with Spivi®?



Our Spivi® servers are connected with ZingFit to deliver a transparent integration between your ZingFit account and Spivi®.

If you’re using ZingFit’s Reserve-A-Bike App, which you lets your members choose their spot on-line, Spivi ® will use the information once you start a class to log your members in to the system.

About ZingFit:

ZingFit is an online scheduling and e-retail software. It allows fitness studio owners to book classes & sell products for indoor cycling, group fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, bootcamps and more.


For end-user customers, ZingFit presents an intuitive interface that flexibly integrates with the branding studio websites — zingFit does not use a pop-up window interface.

But zingFit is more than just a pretty face — it boasts rock-solid management, administration and reporting feautures.