Help your members to get the most of out of Spivi®


To get the most out of Spivi®, riders should log-in to the system once they arrive at your studio. By logging-in:

  • Your members get to see their profile on the big screen, with their profile picture, personal avatar, name and more. This contributes to membership engagement.
  • Their performance data will be available for later review on
  • They will get An automated email with riding summary and results
  • Members who logged in with their Facebook account will get an automated post on their Faceook Wall
  • Members can control their privacy settings and select which metrics will be displayed in class – Heart Rate, RPM, Power, Speed, Distance, Calories, Spivi®Points and more.
  • Members can pair their personal heart rate straps with their user profile, allowing heart rate data to be recorded and displayed on screen.

How to Log-In?

3 Methos to Log In

Logging-in to Spivi® can be done using several different methods:

  • Using the mobile Web-App
  • Using a stand-alone Log-In “kiosk” computer in your studio
  • Using the Class Scheduler on or on your website as a widget
  • Using Zingfit*
  • Using MINDBODY*
  • Using Live Edit and MINDBODY*

* MINDBODY, Live Edit and Zingfit provide CRM, POS and online booking services. If you’re using any of these services, you can connect your Spivi® system transparently using our cloud services.

Spivi® Studio and Spivi® MetriX are fully compatible with
LiveEdit ZingFit MINDBODY


The mobile Web-App

The mobile Web-App allows people to log-in to a Spivi® session using their own mobile phones.
The Web-App also lets people pair their heart rate straps, set their privacy settings, and set the look of their personal avatar.

To use the mobile Web-App, riders should use their smart phone’s web browser and visit and select “Log in” on the top menu bar. Once there, the mobile Web-App will ask them to “Sign Up” or to “Sign In”.

It is highly recommended to use the mobile web-app when you don’t have an on-line booking option available, here is why:

  1. It is a fast method to simultaneously log-in an entire group of users at the same moment to the class.
  2. People that log-in using their mobile phone can set many different personal settings on-the-fly right from your studio while they can see the changes taking place immediately on the screen.


A Stand-alone Log-In “kiosk” computer in your studio

Any available computer with an internet connection in your studio or your facility can be used as a Spivi® Log-in Station (Kiosk). This allows members without a smart phone to log in locally to a class.

To set up a Log-in Station, select or place a computer anywhere near your cycling room, open your browser and navigate to Once there, you’ll be asked to select your studio location and name. Enter your studio’s pass code and then you’re ready.


The Class Scheduler

The best and most recommended way to log-in users to a class is to use the Spivi® Class Scheduler widget. The Class Scheduler enables your members an easy way to book their seats on-line before they arrive to your studio, either by using their email address or by using their Facebook ID.

Setting up your timetable on Spivi® is easy. We created several tools to let you enter all your classes and other events into the Class Scheduler.


Note: You can use the Spivi® scheduler widget and our cloud services to interact with Zingfit, MINDBODY and Live Edit.

Contact us at for more details on how to integrate the Class Scheduler into your website.


When can people log-in?

People can book their bikes on-line up to 5 minutes before the class begins using the class scheduler found on or on your website (if you integrated the widget).
People who booked their bikes on-line will be logged-in automatically as soon as the instructor starts the session.

Riders can also log-in when a class session is active. Once the instructor has started the session on Spivi®(and selected the track on Spivi® Studio), people who wish to join can use their phones to log-in.

Riding Track

Note: If a staff member quits the session or changes a track during an active class, the system will log everybody out.

What happens if someone booked a bike on-line but never arrived?

If someone booked a bike but never arrived, the instructor can “release” his/her occupied bike using our mobile Web-App. A special “Instructor” menu allows the instructor to select a bike number and “Release” it and move people between bikes.