Fitness Tests and Challenges

Spivi® Studio and Spivi® MetriX allow you to run fitness tests and challenges in class.

Fitness Tests

Available Tests and Challenges:

  • FTP – FTP is a key metric for cycling performance, we use it in Spivi wherever power sensors present.
    Defined as the maximum average power a cyclist can maintain over a one-hour effort, functional threshold power is important to know how to pace your effort over thirty-to-sixty minutes.
    The FTP value can be set individually by a class FTP test or manually by each member.
  • LTHR – The lactate threshold (or anaerobic threshold) is the best predictor of athletic endurance performance. No other measure correlates as well with race performance and tells how well training has been working.
  • Energy challenge – Gain as much as possible KJ in this time based challenge, live results displayed in real time!
  • Calories challenge – Burn as much as possible KCal in this time based challenge.
  • Distance challenge – Pass maximal distance during this challenge, ideal for cadence/speed based training.
  • Points challenge – gain as much as possible SEP (Spivi Ecosystem Points) during this challenge.

All challenges can be executed in 3,5 and 8 minutes period and also by a customized time frame, determined by the instructor.

How to run the Tests and Challenges

To start the tests wizard, press the left analog stick once, just like if it was a button. Now select the requested test or challenge from the menu and press the “Start” button to start.

Don’t forget to Instruct the group how to ride and what to do. The selected test or challenge lasts as long as the progress bar on the bottom right side of the screens

It’s as simple as that!