Spivi® keeps you updated with state-of-the art technology


So you’ve probably been working with Spivi® for a while now, Want to learn more on how things work inside the system whenever you run a class?

Spivi SystemAs you probably know, the Spivi® system is located inside or near your sound cabinet, inside the Indoor Cycling studio. It is always on, always connected to the internet, and always updated with the latest software version.

Spivi® is completely controlled using the instructor controller. No keyboard or mouse it is needed.



Software Updates

When in idle mode, the Spivi® logo appears on the screen. In this state, the system is ready to get software updates, new software releases, and hot-fixes, which we provide automatically, when needed. Leaving the system in this mode for a while tells our servers that Spivi® is not in use and is ready for updates.


Once we release a software update and your Spivi® system is ready, an automatic update procedure will take place. Because the Spivi® system cannot e used during software updates, we only allow updates to happen with the system is in idle mode.

To ensure you get the latest updates, please ensure that instructors exit the training session completely and put the system into idle mode at the end of training sessions.


Logging-in to Spivi®
To get the most out of Spivi, riders should log-in to the system once they arrive at your studio. By logging-in, riders get their performance data stored at www.spivi.com. They also get their in-class experience enhanced with their profile picture and personal avatar displayed on screen.

People who log-in can also control their privacy settings and bind their own personal heart rate straps to their personal user profile, allowing Spivi® to save and display the heart rate data on screen.

How to Log-In?
Logging-in to Spivi® can be done using three different methods:Logging-in to Spivi® can be done using three different methods:

  • Mobile Web-App
  • Kiosk computer in your studio
  • Spivi® Class Scheduler
  • Zingfit
  • Live Edit

3 Methos to Log In


When can people log-in?
People can log-in up to 30 minutes before the class begins using the class scheduler.
The class scheduler interface can be any of the interfaces below:

  • Spivi® Class Scheduler widget, embedded on your website
  • Zingfit Class Scheduler, embedded on your website and integrated with the Spivi® cloud services
  • MINDBODY Class Scheduler, embedded on your website as a Spivi® widget
  • MINDBODY Class Scheduler, embedded on your website with Live Edit and integrated with the Spivi® cloud services
  • On www.spivi.com, if you use the Spivi® Class Scheduler

When people book their spots online, they will get automatically logged-in as soon as your instructor will starts the Spivi® session.

Your members can also log-in when a class session is active. Once the instructor has started Spivi, selected the scenery, and made the road appear on screen, people wishing to join can use a their iPhone or thier Android device to log-in.

Spivi Track

Important note: if a staff member exits or changes the scenery during an active class, the system will log everybody out.

What happens if someone booked a bikes but never arrived to class?
If someone booked a bike but never arrived, the instructor can “release” his/her occupied bike using our mobile Web-App. A special “Instructor” button allows the instructor to select a bike number and “Release” it.

Set your staff as instructors
As mentioned, instructors have the ability to perform special actions such as releasing bikes, move people between bikes during the class and more, and more.
As a studio owner or a as a studio admin, you can designate anyone on your staff as an instructor using the www.spivi.com website. To do so, do the following:

  • Make sure the person you want to set as instructor has already been logged-in to Spivi® at least once.
  • Log in to www.spivi.com
  • Navigate to the “My Studio” tab on the upper menu bar
  • Click on the “Manage Club Members” link
  • Find the person on your members list and click the “Set as an Instructor” link below his/her name. Now answer “Yes” when asked to confirm this action.


You can also send a request to us at info@spivi.com and we’ll do it for you.

Performance Analysis and Cloud Storage
As part of our service, Spivi® saves all gathered data on the cloud. Based on privacy policy and email policy, each logged-in user will get his performance summary instantly via email, or see it posted on his/her Facebook wall (if desired). This information is stored on the Spivi cloud and will be available anytime on www.spivi.com for their private use. People can also share their performance with others, if desired.

The automatic upload to the cloud is automatically done by Spivi® once a session has ended. Data is transferred when exiting the Spivi® session.

Quit Session

When used in Virtual Instructor Mode or when used with a pre-defined workout program, the data is transferred when the program is done running, immediately after the “Cool Down” stage.