Author: Jake Austin

Indoor cycling provides many benefits, such as the ability to improve fitness and overall strength while preparing for the season outdoors. Since having a strong energy system is so important to achieve cycling success, this is the main focus while training.

Therefore, while indoor cycling presents challenges that one really can’t avoid completely, the environment can still be enhanced by following some of the tips below.

Air Circulation

Creating good air circulation is one way to make the indoor cycling experience a better one. While training indoors, the environment will be filled with hot air that comes from the body. Displacing this hot air is possible by turning on a powerful fan. You can also place another fan off to the side or behind to circulate the air and keep your body cool as well.


This goes without saying, but a temperature too low or high can have adverse affects on the body. Ultimately, the temperature should be a bit cooler since the room will get warmer when you are cycling. Though, this depends on the number of people training and the room size. Ideally, the room will have a window that can be opened while riding to control the temperature and create a greater level of comfort.


Wearing proper attire will help you get the most out of indoor cycling. The best way to go is a sleeveless jersey, or not wear one at all. Highly advanced fabrics will not even be able to absorb sweat well enough so you can be comfortable. Biking shorts are important as most seats are not padded real well. Ultimately, the lesser you wear, the better off you will be.


Watching a cycling DVD, TV show/movie, or listening to music can help serve as a distraction while riding. If you cycle along in a quiet room, then the indoor cycling experience could be a stale one quite often. Being able to enjoy your workouts will help you get through the tough days and keep you motivated.


A sports drink or a water bottle should be on hand while riding. You will have a hard time replacing all the fluids you lose as you will probably sweat more indoors as opposed to outdoors. Drink often while cycling to stay hydrated as much as possible.

Indoor cycling consistently in the cold months will help you improve dramatically. By the time spring rolls around and the outdoor season begins, you will already be in excellent shape. Always try to make your indoor cycling experience productive and enjoyable at the same time.

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