Author: Dennis Kirui

Indoor cycling workouts are very often a good way to boost your cycling performance. The reason being you can set the appropriate conditions that will assist you exercise your body for the sought after results. In this post, you will find out about an indoor cycling workout that will assist you to to improve your cycling speed. Then you will also gain access to other stationary bike workouts.

In this particular 5 step indoor cycling workout, you will need to;

1. Stretch appropriately to warm up.

It is advisable to stretch your muscles (particularly your leg muscles) so as to make sure you get the maximum effect from your workout. Warming up by any means, also helps to get your blood pumping to guarantee readiness for the workout.

2. Specify the resistance level of the exercise bike accordingly.

You need to set the resistance level of your bike reasonably high, so as to provide the resistance required to build your leg muscles. Riding at a higher resistance level, will assist you to increase your leg muscle strength and hence enabling you to ride more quickly and be able to pedal more effortlessly.

3. Ride at this high resistance level for a fixed amount of time.

You need to ride your bike for a period of somewhere between 20-30 minutes continuously. Riding at a high speed for such a period of time could seem difficult for some, so my suggestion for beginners is that you set your time accordingly such as, 5- 10 minutes if you are just beginning and increase the amount of time as you get better.

4. Pedal very slowly to let your body rejuvenate.

After pedaling at a high speed, it is advisable to slow down and pedal slowly for some time to let your body recuperate and to catch your breath.

5. Continue doing this exercise 3 – 4 times.

Right after finishing one single rep of, for instance, twenty minutes, continue doing this indoor cycling workout for another 3 to 4 times, repeating steps 3 and also 4. Thereafter, you can do this biking routine everyday or even 2 times per week. Bear in mind doing this biking exercise regularly will assist you to progress even more. Implement thisexercise bike workout based on your schedule.

There are a number of indoor cycling workouts for improving cycling speed. Nevertheless keep in mind that speed is not the only crucial factor while cycling. Cycling endurance is as well essential.

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