A new version for Spivi® Studio has been released; this version includes improvements, bug fixes and some cool new features.

The new version is now being pushed automatically to all of our clients in more than 20 countries all over the world.

Here are the highlights for this version:
Screen Saver Mode

New Screen Saver mode added. The Screen Saver mode allows you to hide the 3D scenery and other performance views such as the leaderboard, ride in a dark room and still have all your performance data logged for your memebrs and stored on the cloud.

Screen Saver Mode
The Screen Saver mode can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the left bumper for 2 seconds.

Other changes made:

  • Instructor’s avatar now fades in and out with the entire group. This provides your instructors with the ability to get off the bike without experiencing any speed changes in the group ride.
  • Main Menu has been face lifted, each track includes a preview image.
  • Leaderboard and other performance views are now fade in and out when selected.
  • While the leaderboard is being sorted by the Rank when this option is selected on the “My Studio” page, all other views will stay sorted by bike number.
  • Members who select to hide all of their performance attributes in class using the privacy settings will be completely opt-out of the leaderbaord and any other performance views during the class.
  • Motivational quotes and sentences have been extended and won’t get to be repeated more than once during a running program.
  • Structured workout programs’ notes and events are no longer being overridden by the events generator.
  • Sensors Diagnostic view now available via the instructor controller . Hold the green button for 5 seconds to see signal strength from your bikes and HR straps.
  • Smoother login experience is now provided using pre-loaded avatars.
  • Automatic anonymous riders’ detection time significantly reduced. This means that Spivi will place new joiners much faster on the virtual road even if they didn’t log-in to the session.
  • Threshold tests (FTP, LTHR) apply the minimal valid value even if such not reached by a member.
  • Minimum FTP value has been reduced to 80.
  • MINDBODY studios can now allow people with zero balance to review the studio layout. To turn this feature on use the “Class scheduler – MINDBODY interface options” link on the “My Studio” page.
  • Bugs related to the Summary Leaderboard view, server response and calories reset on Keiser M3i console have been fixed.