Version 0.19 is being deployed at all clubs.

Here is a list of some of the new features version 0.19 has:

1.  Profile Picture

Profile pictures are now visible in class, people can control whether to display them or hide them via Class Privacy Settings (See below).

2.  Class Privacy Settings

From now on people can choose if they want to display or hide any of their personal performance data in class. Attributes such as RPM, HR, Calories, Velocity and Distance are now controllable via user’s account & settings at

3. New Camera Modes

We added 3 new camera views:

– Side view

– Zoom out

– Flying camera

4. Scene Director

With the new Scene Director feature, the system automatically controls which camera to display according to class activity and location of the group on route. This feature helps class instructors to deliver more interesting scenery views in class while focusing on their workout programs.

5. Routes update

Several routes have got a graphical “Face Lift”.