Many people are anxious to get back to their normal gym routine, and many gyms are preparing to reopen or have already re-opened with some stark regulations based on social distancing. These new restrictions are put in place to ensure the minimization of the spread of the virus and the room layout of indoor cycling spaces will be one where reconfiguration must happen.

With that said, we’re here to assist you.

Scheduling and spot reservation are standard services that come when purchasing a new Spivi system, making it quick and easy for your members to select their perfect bike, every class. This book a bike feature is based solely on the layout you create using the Studio Layout Tool on your My Studio page.

With changes in the way your studio will potentially look moving forward from fewer bikes in the room itself, to spacing them farther apart, or simply using every other bike for a different class, we have adapted the way you create your studio layouts.

With our studios and gyms on the forefront of our development and based on the new social distancing regulations we have provided a brand new feature for configuring your room layouts.

Previously when you set up your studio layout, there was only an option to create one layout. Now, we have added a new feature that allows you to add different room-layouts to different classes. This ensures that a bike will not be used again in the following class. You can create new layouts and use them in different classes. This ensures that safety protocols are being met for both you and your members.