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Track your members’ real-time performance data, deliver mind-blowing workout experience, provide spot reservation service on your website and offer per-second data analysis, all to recruit new members and keep them engaged and connected to your brand.

The Visual Experience

Here’s Why Spivi Arena is What Your Members Want

Spivi Arena delivers an exciting group fitness workout experience. It reads heart-rate data in real-time from a wide range of devices such as heart-rate monitors, straps, and armbands. On each workout, Spivi Arena helps your members reach their goals with a live stimulating visual feedback.

By combining real-time heart-rate data with personal information like age, weight and performance history, Spivi Arena rewards members with effort points, which then, can be used by your facility to reward them for better retention.

Two minutes into training with Spivi Arena and BANG, they’re hooked! Members will reach goals, compete with each other and spread the word!

Spivi performs real-time data tracking and displays it on screen in multiple views such as leaderboard, color-coded zones and a whole lot more!

Interactive Scenery

Video Player


Color Coded Views


Effort Points

The Most Comperhansive Solution For Your Members

Real Time Heart Rate Tracking

Spivi Arena reads your members HR information directly from their HR monitors, combines the data with personal information it has on the cloud such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates different views including a leaderboard with respect to LTHR, %Max HR data, burned calories and more.

Zones Editor

Configure the training zones, set them as you want, change their colors and theme them to your facility's overall look.

Stay In The Zone

Easy to read and understand, the HR Zones view allows you to show your members where to focus. For example, if you’re currently sweating in a high intensity routine and want them to push hard, instruct them to give what it takes to go to the Red Zone.

% Heart Rate View

A dedicated real-time view for Heart Rate. A dedicated view for Max Heart Rate. Members can manually set their Max Heart Rate (MHR) value on their user profiles. Alternatively, Spivi Arena can update this values automatically based on a live class test. This heart rate view displays the %Max HR of each member alongside real-time heart rate in BPM units.

% LTHR View

A dedicated view for Lactate Threshold Heart Rate. Members can manually set their Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) value on their user profiles. Alternatively, Spivi can update the LTHR automatically based on a live class test. This heart rate view displays the %LTHR of each member alongside real-time heart rate in BPM units.

Virtual Worlds

Visualize your classes as never seen before. Challenge your members with gamified workouts! Gamification of fitness activity turns ordinary classes into a thrilling experience.

Team Competitions

Using Spivi Arena, you can split your class into as many as 4 teams and let them compete with each other. In Team Mode, Spivi Arena splits the class into different teams according to the current team setup of the studio. Each team has its own unique color – Green, Red, Yellow or Blue, which lets you easily see who belongs to each team.

Fitness Challenges and Tests

Run live fitness tests in class! Spivi Arena offers various fitness tests and challenges. Standard MHR and LTHR test protocols, personal, per gender, team-based and full class challenges available to run anytime during the workout. Fitness challenges are great tool to improve members’ motivation and track progress over time.

Media Player

The Media Player lets you play your audio and video files from a portable storage device during a class. You can play a single file or multiple files in one class, according to your class duration and class profile. More information about the new Media Player can be found in the Spivi Academy.

Data analysis

Your members can use our widgets to track their performance over time, get better every time! People can watch their effort compared to others in class, track their log and share their workouts data with others.

Social Networked

Expand your local experience behind the club’s walls! Spivi is integrated with the leading social networks available today such as facebook and twitter, allowing people to interact with other members from your facility.

Create Your Profiles

Create share and use indoor cycling training programs on the cloud with our Workout Creator. With Spivi Workout Creatoror (beta) you can create professional indoor cycling programs within a few minutes. Programs created with the Workout Creator can be used at studios equipped with Spivi systems.

Virtual Instructors

Run virtual classes, scheduled to run automatically when you want and guided by a variety of virtual instructors. Our virtual instructors instruct your members just like if they were in a class with a real instructor, monitor performance data, analyze it and display a real-time data views. Plenty of ready to exercise programs are waiting for your members.

Music & Virtual DJs

A group of virtual DJs will mix and play your music according to your structured workout programs. Because being a DJ is more than just pressing play and because being an instructor is much more than just telling the class what to do, our virtual DJs are your private DJs who follow your real and virtual instructors’ guidelines and mix the music tracks to meet the class goals!

Class Scheduler

Spivi provides an online class scheduler for your studio.Easily integrated on your website, the Spivi Class scheduler lets your members book classes online. Management is done from a secure place in your studio section on our site. Watch the demo, see how it is fully integrated – try out the demo!

Spot Reservation

Let your members pick their favorite mats for yoga or their favorites bag for boxing, online from any platform at any given time.
Scott SorkinOwner, Tone Zone
"They absolutely love it! Let the instructors fall in love with it and your member will fall in love with it. I think what they like best about it is that they're finding themselves working harder." From an interview with the Association of Fitness Studios' founder Josh Leve
Karen Haley HawesOwner, Bodyworks Bootcamp
We have recently taken on Spivi Arena – so we have Spin Classes and also group workouts going on at the same time. We project it all up onto a big screen. I took ages to make my mind up – but it is really fab. My members love it. Cardio Box and Rowing (set up just like spin) with all the stats on the wall. All comes up on the leaderboard just the same as the cycling classes. We ...
Our purchase of Spivi has been one of the best business decisions we have made. We use Spivi to acquire new members every day, people just love it! The staff at Spivi is wonderful to work with, and questions are answered in a very timely fashion. Thanks for a great product!”
Spivi Rocks! Tracks performance and sends emails directly to our riders!
Jennifer Ashbrook, Owner, Inner Drive Fitness
I may know I’m targeting a certain power zone but I don’t even have to say that to the class, I can just say “stay with me”! … and we accomplished that goal without really having to get in to all the technicalities of what’s FTP and what’s a 90% or 110% or whatever of your threshold power. it’s just there visually for them to see.
We use Spivi at CycleLab Studio, it’s an amazing motivator for our customers! Just being able to compare their results from their previous ride is enough to keep them coming back for more!
I thought the animated scenery was too gimmicky. It has been running in my studio for weeks and I have heard people tell me how motivating seeing the bike up on the screen is for them. So glad I went for your fully featured product.
Hagi PagirskyOwner and CEO, Great Shape (Franchise)
Spivi Studio helps us get new members as it’s a renovator to Indoor Cycling. As a result of adding Spivi to our gym SPINNING® classes have become the most popular classes in our club making us to add additional classes and conduct an early registration to existing classes. I would highly recommend Spivi to any club owner.

Easy Integration and Built-In Compatibility

Customer Support
24/7 worldwide support

Easy Setup
Realy easy, Just plug & play

Simple Integration
Widgets & API, MINDBODY, Zingfit

Zero Maintenance
No keyboards, no mouse

Auto Updates
Every six weeks on average

Hardware Warranty
Multiple extended warranty options

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SPIVI Academy
Exceptional standardized education

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