While displaying raw fitness data is important, turning it into a live dynamic scene will skyrocket your members’ engagement level.
Spivi generates addictive workout experience that will make your members feel like workout has just flown while pushing their limits reaching their goals.


Whether your members’ goal is to get healthier, look better, lose weight or compete in the next marathon, there is nothing like instant, objective feedback to help them reach their goals.
Spivi offers multiple views that provide real-time feedback to your members while they’re taking their workout. Whether it will be a group-x class, personal training session or self-driven workout on the cardio floor.


Showing proven progress over time is a powerful method to keep your members active.
Our cloud platform analysis each workout and identifies significant trends over time such as fitness level improvement, accumulated burned calories, average classes took per-week and more.
These insights help your members stick with their training plan and turn them into loyal members.


Spivi is compatible with the major fitness equipment and wearable brands.
No need to tie yourself to specific equipment vendor.
Give your members the freedom to chose and use their own favorite wearable.


Get the most out of your real-estate and fitness equipment.
Don’t leave your group-x rooms empty during the day and your equipment unused.
Fill your schedule with an unlimited number of group classes led by Spivi’s virtual instructors.


Extend the lifetime of your existing fitness equipment and avoid expensive investment on new equipment.
Turn your current equipment to smart equipment using our external sensors.


Building a long term relationship with your members is an ongoing journey.
Spivi automates this process by keeping your club in your members’ mind.
Post workout emails, Social Media sharing, Club Leaderboard, and Challenges will make sure your members will have continuous interaction with your club anytime, anywhere.


Applying gaming elements has proven to be a major factor in member’s retention.
Spivi utilizes this concept to keep your members coming for more by integrating the Spivi Ecosystem Points.


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