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Spivi® MetriX

If what you’re looking for is a live leaderboard with different target views and per-second data analysis, and you still enjoy other powerful visual and back-end tools such as fitness challenges and tests, per-bike booking and more, then Spivi® MetriX is your answer!
Track your members’ performance in real-time while playing your favorite videos, enhance the experience with an easy to customize real-time leaderboard, per-second data analysis and graphs, connectivity with Facebook and Twitter, fitness challenges, test and much more!



Live leaderboard, Videos, Target Views, Challenges and Fitness Tests

Spivi® MetriX collects data from your bikes and displays: Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned Calories and Rank!
It combines the data with personal information such as age, weight and performance history it has on record, and generates unique performance views in real-time.





Easily transform your website into a members portal, let your members book their classes, reserve their favorite bikes, review results and get rewarded.






Keep your members connected with a branded app! Let them review their stats and challenge results, book their class and stay connected with your brand.
Your mobile app can be customized with your brand theme and colors.





Spivi® is integrated with the leading social networks available today such as facebook and twitter.
Spivi® is also running on a dedicated community platform, allowing members to interact with each other and connect with friends after class. Expand your local experience behind the club’s walls.




Heart Rate Monitor Compatibility With Any ANT+ HR and Polar H7 BLE Straps

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Polar H7 BLE Logo
Wahoo Fitness
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And many more!
Indoor Cycling Bikes


Use your existing equipment and maximize your investment. Spivi® works with ANT+ sensors including power meters, cadence sensors and heart rate straps.


Inner Drive Fitness

I can just say “stay with me!”

“I may know I’m targeting a certain power zone but I don’t even have to say that to the class, I can just say “stay with me”! … and we accomplished that goal without really having to get in to all the technicalities of what’s FTP and what’s a 90% or 110% or whatever of your threshold power. it’s just there visually for them to see.”
Jennifer Ashbrook, Owner, Inner Drive Fitness Studio, PA

Cyklus Vancouver

“So glad I went for your fully featured product”

“I almost bought Spivi Metrix as you recall… because I thought the animated scenery was too gimmicky. It has been running in my studio for two weeks and I have heard at least 15 people tell me how motivating seeing the bike up on the screen is for them. So glad I went for your fully featured product.”
Jay Shapka, Owner, Cyklus Vancouver, Canada

Great Shape

Our members love Spivi®!

“Spivi® Studio helps us get new members as it’s a renovator to Indoor Cycling. …As a result of the above-mentioned reasons SPINNING® classes have become the most popular classes in our club forcing us to add additional classes and conduct an early registration to existing classes. I would highly recommend Spivi® to any club owner.”
Chagi Pagirsky, Advocate, CEO Great Shape

Spivi® products are ANT+ certified and complies with the following specified ANT+ Device Profiles:


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