Spivi Home Edition entered closed beta in October of 2012. Since then, we’ve continually added features, content, and fixed bugs as we moved towards Open Beta.

We have decided to enter Open Beta on February 18, 2013, US time. The final beta deployment and spivi.com website modification will occur then.

We want the first few months of Open Beta to set the precedent that we react quickly to feedback on the software and add features that users want. We do not want everyone’s first experience with the software to be that nothing changes for a month. If any unexpected problems arose or the software became very popular in April, the support team wouldn’t be at full strength to service the needs of all users.

Spivi Home Edition


What to do while you’re waiting?

Get ANT+ devices!  See required hardware:


Spivi Home Edition is powered by a strong graphical engine which provides the ability to output a crystal clear HD video, see the PC requirements.


 We’ve been working on Spivi Home Edition for over three years now. We’re so excited that we’re getting close to the Open Beta release, and are really looking forward to the day we get to unleash it on the world.