Black Friday Special Offer on Spivi Studio!

This is your chance to renovate your studio, keep your members engaged and maximize your return on investment!

Only $5,990 for Spivi Studio (up to 40 bikes)

+$99/month for Cloud Services, Support and Updates



The Visual Experience

Here’s Why Almost 1,000 Locations Chose Spivi Studio

Spivi studio delivers the ultimate indoor cycling experience.
It reads cycling data in real-time from a wide range of bike models and devices such as heart-rate monitors, straps, and armbands. On each workout, Spivi Studio helps your members reach their goals with a live stimulating visual feedback.

By combining real-time performance data with personal information like age, weight and performance history, Spivi Studio rewards members with effort points, which then, can be used by your facility to reward them for better retention.

Two minutes into training with Spivi Studio and BANG, they’re hooked! Members will reach goals, compete with each other and spread the word!

Spivi performs real-time data tracking and displays it on screen in multiple views such as leaderboard, color-coded zones and a whole lot more!

Interactive Scenery

Video Player


Color Coded Views


Effort Points


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