Getting Started – Spivi System

Spivi delivers an outstanding experience to your club members using advanced visualization, data tracking, and cloud connectivity.


Follow these steps to turn your club into a fully operational Spivi facility:

1) Spivi system installation.

Watch this step by step system installation tutorial (click here to view) or grab the hard copy installation manual from the package to complete the system installation.

2) Spivi system license activation.

Guide Button                                   Start Button

  • Turn on the Spivi system and make sure that its connected to the internet.
  • Turn on the XBOX controller by pressing and holding the Guide button (silver button) for a couple of seconds.
  • Press the Start button on your XBOX controller and wait for the system to initiate.
  • Once ready, you’ll see the “SYSTEM REGISTRATION FORM”.
  • Use your smart-phone camera to scan the QR code and follow the instructions on your phone to activate the new system.

3) Fitness equipment pairing.

The linkage between your fitness equipment (indoor cycling bikes, heart rate monitors) and a Spivi system is called pairing.
Read here how to use Spivi system Maintenace Mode to pair your fitness equipment: SPIVI SYSTEM MAINTENANCE MODE.

4) System operation training.

To get the most out of your Spivi system, we offer free online live training webinar with your instructors.
Contact our customer support team on, and we will send you available time slots to complete this step.

5) Check out our video tutorials page to learn more about system operation.

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