Recruit Customers And Keep Members Engaged
    With The Revolutionary Spivi® Studio


Renovate your fitness center and maximize your investment by enhancing it with a professional training system and real time leaderboard display.

Spivi® Products

Spivi MetriX

Spivi® MetriX

Indoor Cycling Leaderboard
Monitor performance data in your cycling studio, display a live leaderboard and performance views for Power, Cadence, HR and other metrics. Get performance analysis on group and personal activity in real time and after each class.

Spivi Studio

Spivi® Studio

Indoor Cycling Interactive Simulator
Empower indoor cycling classes with interactive 3D scenery based on data wirelessly collected from bikes. Visualize training goals, show real time performance metrics and get in depth personal data analyses after each class.

Spivi 365 Virtual Cycling

Spivi® 365

Indoor Cycling Classes On Demand
Run scheduled and on demand virtual indoor cycling classes for small groups around the clock. Guided by a various of virtual instructors, Spivi® 365 monitors performance data, analyzes it and displays a real-time interactive 3D scenery.

Recruit new customers

Promote the system and use it to get new members. Spivi attracts new customers with its spectacular visuals.


Reduce members dropout

Give your members the best solution out there. By upgrading your studio, you open it for potential members who have never been to an Indoor Cycling class before.

Maximize Your Studio

Keep members engaged

Members can interact with each-other after class, get daily performance metrics and data analysis.


Get promoted

Spivi promotes your studio on Facebook and spivi.com after every class, members activity produces on-line traffic to your website and Facebook page.


Stay updated

Simply connect Spivi to the internet and stay updated using our cloud services.

Great Shape

Our members love Spivi!

“Spivi helps us get new members as it’s a renovator to Indoor Cycling. …As a result of the above-mentioned reasons SPINNING® classes have become the most popular classes in our club forcing us to add additional classes and conduct an early registration to existing classes. I would highly recommend Spivi to any club owner.”
Chagi Pagirsky, Advocate, CEO Great Shape

Cyklus Vancouver

“So glad I went for your fully featured product”

“I almost bought Spivi Metrix as you recall… because I thought the animated scenery was too gimmicky. It has been running in my studio for two weeks and I have heard at least 15 people tell me how motivating seeing the bike up on the screen is for them. So glad I went for your fully featured product.”
Jay Shapka, Owner, Cyklus Vancouver, Canada


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